Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Episode 10: Until the End of Time (collaborative episode)

This week's episode is guaranteed to please those of you who read The Diary of Anne Frank in grade school and thought, "Hmm... y'know, this book's pretty sweet... but it would be even more badass if Anne Frank teamed up with a squad of Super Saiyans, massacred gestapo officers with superpowered Ki blasts, and got into boasting matches with muscle-bound extraterrestrial martial artists."  Yes, that's right: it's a goddamn Dragon Ball Z/Anne Frank crossover.  One of the most notorious examples of intra-continuity shipping, gofer-chan's "Until the End of Time" meshes the genres of romantic melodrama, revisionist history, and batshit insanity by pairing off doomed diarist and Holocaust victim Anne Frank (you know... that Anne Frank!) with Goku, the intrepid protagonist of Dragon Ball Z and self-proclaimed strongest man in the universe.  And that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!  A crude mash-up of maudlin melodrama and superpowered chop-socky fist-fights, gofer-chan's fanfic reaches now legendary levels of hysteria and madness (over 9000!) with a third-act cameo from Adolf Hitler where... well, I suppose you'll have to find out on your own.

This is also our first collaborative audiobook production where we were able to wrangle up some of the biggest luminaries of the anime and manga podcasting scene.  And what a cast we have assembled!

Our Cast
Goku - Ichigo (Anime Pulse)
Anne Frank - The Girl Nerd (The Girl Nerd's Podcast)
Adolf Hitler - Sean Russell (Anime 3000)

A special thanks to our guest performers.  They deserve nothing less than the internet equivalent of a standing ovation.

Next Time: The aptly-titled "Mortal Kombat/TMNT Crossover."


  1. The download doesn't seem to work.

  2. Um, it works just fine for me. Perhaps a momentary crap-out?

    Is anyone else having problems downloading this episode?

    (If you continue having problems, you might wanna try downloading it through iTunes. Perhaps that would work? I really don't know, honestly.)

  3. Now it's working.