Thursday, August 18, 2011

Episode 11: Mortal Kombat/TMNT Crossover

Before inter-continuity combat became a recurring cash-grab trend in fighting games, TurtleNinja's imaginatively titled "Mortal Kombat/TMNT Crossover" sought to bridge the gap between innocuous children shows about reptilian martial-artists who love pizza and splatter-gore video games where you have the option of either decapitating your opponent or ripping out his spine.  In this episode's fanfic, the Ninja Turtles team up with a grossly out-of-character Shredder (who, as the author repeatedly points out, is secretly a really nice guy underneath all those layers of megalomania) after they are inexplicably transported to Outworld by Shao Khan who hatches a sinister scheme where... uuuuh... y'know, I really don't know.  Something about how the Turtles "may be useful as [his] entertainment in the next tournament."  Whatever, man.  Wake me up when Michelangelo and Scorpion start brawling.

But there's a catch: this fanfic also features a stealth Mary Sue.

The author tosses into her MUGEN-esque mash-up a mawkish subplot where the romantic exploits of an ambiguously gendered Relationship Sue named (wait for it) TurtleNinja take center-stage and pull us away from the perfunctory, blink-or-you'll-miss-'em fight scenes.  No great loss, I suppose, since the brawling is mostly of the beige variety.  Then again, the mental image of humanoid reptiles gettin' their freak on will probably haunt me until the day I die.

Next Time: "Quorra Punishment Chapters," most likely.  Unless you guys think I should finally release that long-abandoned audiobook production of "Artemis's Lover" I recorded ages ago.  Confused?  Keep listening after the end of this week's episode for more information.  Either way, the next episode might take a little longer than usual as I am going on a much-needed summer vacation.

Note: So, uh, I apparently spazzed out near the end of this production and screwed up some of the editing during the outro.  Nothing major.  But still... our apologies.  

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