Friday, July 22, 2011

Progress Report

Just thought we'd let you guys know about all the crap-fic goodness comin' through the pipeline.

Evangelion II: DELTA Invasion, chapter three (Tom Dyron): Yes, we've been promising this one for a while.  Due to technical difficulties, we lost our recordings of a pivotal ten minute fight scene from this production.  This, for various reasons, could be considered a great benefit to mankind.  But we've now completely re-recorded this sequence and are almost finished editing the episode.  To quote Tom Dyron, "Hell yeah!"

Until the End of Time (gofer-chan): Now that we've received the sound files from our guest performers, this should be released very soon.  Our cast should be commended for turning in performances that totally eclipse the sort of mush-mouthed theatrics that are my stock-in-trade. Editing will commence once we've put the finishing touches on DELTA Invasion.

The Horribly Bloody Death of Kairi (xXxmRs.RiKu): Our first fanfic request!  We actually finished recording this blood-curdling tale this afternoon... and, considering its length, should have it out pretty soon.  You might want to listen to this one with a vomit bag.

Mortal Kombat/TMNT Crossover (TurtleNinja): On the other hand, this one is going to take a little longer.  We've recorded the whole thing, but I doubt we're going to edit even a second of this until we clear up our backlog.  Until then, feel free to rock and roll this place with the power of the ninja turtle bass.

That's it!  Keep checking back for more updates.

Until then, promise me that you won't get into any knife fights.

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