Monday, June 13, 2011

Bonus Episode: Thirty Hs (a Harry Potter fanfic)

And now for something a little... different.  For the record, we have decided to release this as a non-canonical bonus episode for two reasons: 
  • This is a (non-anime related) Harry Potter fanfic
  • It is not a crap-fic.  In fact, it kinda kicks ass.
For this episode of Crap Fic Theater, we momentarily take a break from the shit-storm of bad grammar, poor characterizations, and confusing plot holes to bring you this dadaist epic about the interstellar journey of a guitar-wielding boy wizard and his groinsaw brandishing dwarf-slave.  Let's not kid ourselves, folks.  This is one of the greatest works of fanfiction ever written, and we're proud to give this an audiobook production that tries to convey some of the unleaded nightmare fuel promised in its anarchic, punk rock prose and absurd postmodern narrative.  Bow down before Fuckslayer, puny fucklings.  Nothing can prepare you for this episode.  Seriously.  Everything about this recording is different from what we normally do on the podcast.  How different?  You'll have to listen and find out.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Next Time: More Tom Dyron.  More Invadors.  More ridiculous fight scenes and more OOC-ness.  And more ego-stroking author avatarisms, of course.  Don't miss it!

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