Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crap Fic Theater Needs Your Help!

Our dated Bubblegum Crisis reference.  Yeah, we're hip.

Don't worry.  We're not going to start begging for financial donations (although we certainly wouldn't turn those down).  Our needs are far less tangible.  

Subscribe - As of today, our podcast is available on iTunes.  We'd highly recommend that you subscribe in order to receive notifications of all future audiobook productions.  We are also available on Podcast Pickle and Podfeed.  While you're at it, leave us a review.  And, of course, continue spreading the word.

Recommendations - The world of bad fanfiction is a wasteland too vast and treacherous for this solitary explorer.  For this reason, we'd love to receive your recommendations.  You can post all fanfic recommendations in the comments section or send them privately via email.  

A New Logo - As you can tell by the no-frills aesthetic of our blog, we could use some help sprucing up the place.  Anything you folks could donate to us would be greatly appreciated (although we can't guarantee that we'll use everything).

Thanks again, everyone.  A new (non-Eva) audiobook should be released tomorrow.

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